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Plants perform many services to make our lives more comfortable. Trees can provide wildlife habitat, fragrance, edbiles, and shade. Living fences screen out views. Rain gardens absorb and filter stormwater runoff. Shoreline plantings preserve water quality. Groundcovers act as living mulch, keeping ground cool & moist and preventing germination of unwanted seedlings.

clover in lawns
edible landscapes
short & shady

Reduce your personal energy "footprint" and your garden chores by growing some perennial edibles.

Clover makes your lawn healthier, easier to maintain, and more stylish.

The right trees can make your life easier and your woodland lovelier every season.

Gain privacy, attract birds and butterflies, and add four-season interest with a hedge.

Shoreline buffers: an organic, low-maintenance, non-violent way to keep Canada geese and mallards off nearby lawns.

Ten herb gardening books reviewed and compared for you.

Lists of short plants to try in shady spaces.

Use native grasses, and maybe wildflowers, to replace lawns.

Look out your window and imagine a shaded, mysterious woodland.

Cooperate with your landscape and offer housing to the homeless; make a wild corner to offset dwindling natural areas.

See photos of lawn alternatives for slopes.

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