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Is your family unsure about shrinking the lawn? Start by transforming the places you don't use. Or start with a functional planting. Or make an outdoor room. Or be bold, go wild, and restore the natural landscape. How to kill the lawn? Smother it.

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Deciding How to SHRINK Your Lawn
The idea of SHRINKing your lawn appeals to you, but what do you do first? Should you put up a border, or something in the center of the yard? Should you plant trees? It all depends on your answer to one simple question.

SHRINK Your Lawn Method #5: Cut a Corner
Do you delight in your well-kept lawn but wish there was less of it? Here's a way to subtly SHRINK your sward without adding obstacles to the mowing path or the view.

SHRINK Your Lawn Method #4: Let Her Run Wild
Cooperate with your landscape, offer housing to the homeless, and use your extra space to replace dwindling natural areas.

SHRINK Your Lawn Method #3: Erase the Center
Build a pond, patio, or island bed in the center of your lawn. You'll create a destination and add visual interest, and you could reduce your lawn by half.

SHRINK Your Lawn Method #2: Connect the Dots
If individual trees or planting beds are scattered throughout your yard, consolidate.

SHRINK Your Lawn Method #1: Hedge the Edge
Gain privacy, attract birds and butterflies, and add four-season interest to your yard by framing it with a hedge.

Natural Landscaping for Urban & Suburban Gardens
Find inspiring photos and examples of naturally landscaped urban and suburban gardens in these 3 gorgeous, easy-to-read books!

Tree Islands: Planting Around Your Lawn Tree
If your tree and lawn are struggling against each other, they create an area that's less healthy and higher-maintenance than it needs to be. Create a more beautiful, easier-care garden feature -- a tree island.

Slope Gardens: A Photo Essay
Many urban lots have a slope in the front yard, and often the slope is covered with lawn. But it doesn't have to be that way--take a peek at these lawn alternatives dreamed up by Saint Paul slope gardeners.

Design Your Garden Around a Theme
Choosing a theme can help you to design a more satisfying garden more easily, and it's a perfect place for beginners to start.

Designing a Stunning Plant Combination
Learn how you can design a satisfying combination of plants for your garden.

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