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We LOVE to hear from readers! We thank those of you who have sent us comments, questions, and compliments over the years.

Regretfully, our limited time prevents us from replying to the vast majority of our readers' notes, though once in awhile we'll pick a reader question and prepare a detailed response, which we'll post as an article (see an example).

Please be aware that, by submitting information to LessLawn, you grant LessLawn an unlimited right to use or post the information you submit as LessLawn sees fit, and you agree to hold LessLawn and its authors, owners and operators harmless against any and all claims that may arise from the posting of such information.

However, you have our founder's guarantee that LessLawn will not post your email address, last name, photos, or any text that you specifically ask not be posted.

Send your question or comment to contact[at]lesslawn[dot]com.

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Evelyn conversing with audience members in Jackson, Michigan.
Photo: Deborah Hudson

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